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Top 5 Trends in Office Design in 2021

We totally needed to impart to you the 5 fundamental trends in office configuration to continue in 2021. Regardless of whether you are Office Manager, Founder, HR, Executive Assistant or just an inquisitive associate, here is the rundown of the fundamental (and once in a while recent fads) in office plan in organizations that will completely win in 2021… Enough to advance a stage beyond to begin this new decade.

Please, we quit making the anticipation last more. In 2021, we should recollect the watchwords of the accompanying office format: acoustic solace, half breed spaces, upcycling. Great perusing !

1. Acoustic comfort, the leader and crucial trend of office design in 2021

Initially, the Open Space was a German (and not American!) Concept brought into the world during the 1950s. The underlying thought was to make a space wherein the workplace format and office furniture were portable. This, to have the option to quickly advance a similar workspace without imperative … No imitating the idea of Open Space in the greater part of the organizations on the planet, remembering for France!

Have confidence, in the event that you have an Open Space, we don’t have anything against… For the straightforward explanation that it is feasible to work proficiently, even in this kind of office design, insofar as organizations have all that executed to diminish the innate acoustic discomfort.

Acoustic Cover

Illustration of lessening encompassing clamor in an Open Space by up to 40%, because of acoustic boards for business

The surrounding commotion of Open Spaces is one of the essential drivers of worker nonappearance, and of group efficiency decay. The smallest commotion top occupies individuals delicate to clamor. consistently, our group is in contact with organizations, one of the significant targets of their office design project is to limit the clamor level of their Open Space, for instance by adding acoustic boards for organizations, roof tiles, acoustic rockers…

Like never before, the principle objective of office design in organizations will be to offer genuine acoustic comfort to its workers. Furthermore, the workplace furniture area is developing to meet these assumptions: the offer is extending and the market is slowly organized around this cultural wonder in business. In addition, we had composed a couple of months prior here a full article which offers great guidance to diminish the sound level in openspace.

The scope of acoustic booths, likewise called Phone Box, has been organized as of late. This is to offer organizations the chance for their representatives to segregate themselves in harmony, without going into banish in shut gathering rooms. These lodges can be shut, semi-open: this kind of furniture has grown quickly, in light of the significance of acoustic comfort for representatives at their work environment.

2. Hybrid work environments: between work space and living space

The jargon of organizations to depict the work environment is evolving. Home office, cordiality office… Why? Since organizations feel that their representatives need another workplace, more in sync with the appearance of new ages hands on market, and nearly getting to thusly places of obligation.

One of the lead trends in office goods in 2021 will be unflinchingly that of recreating a covering, recognizable universe, that of “like at home”, rendered to the working environment. The HR challenge is colossal : the workplace climate should now contribute (nearly) as much as wages, to representative dedication. It is not, at this point uncommon to peruse on planners’ arrangements the presence of an Open Space, nearby a casual trade territory or a region devoted to Phones Box.

In 2021, we will hence utilize each corner to make casual however outfitted gathering spaces, because of high tables, unwinding and gathering furniture (couches, couches). We will in this way consider the game plan of room a liquid space, territories isolated from one another, similar to “mishaps” en route, as indicated by the developments of representatives.

Slowly, the spending plan for office goods in exemplary furniture is diminished for that gave to living spaces, like unwinding, rest, or just comfortable rooms.

3. The solicitation to versatility in the workplace: when the workplace design moves representatives

Do you realize what is happening in your body when you are sitting? Following 60 minutes, the veins lose half of their volume : blood dissemination is not, at this point worked with, and the danger of apoplexy for instance (blood vessel clump) increments. Also, following 5 hours, your glucose level builds each moment, on the grounds that your body can’t consume sufficient energy assimilated during morning meals.

Indeed, we would not like to stress! However, just disclose to you why it is a clinical issue to permit your representatives to move however much as could be expected in their workspace

What’s more, this is solidly one of the 2021 trends in office decorations which is step by step making progress in all organizations worried about the prosperity of their workers. We are seeing the advancement of migrant workspaces in every single imaginable territory, in passageways, in recesses… Although less comfortable, these spaces permit nomad and versatile capacities, for example, deals powers, to stay portable without being hampered in their movement.


We talk about Desk-sharing, or even Hot-desking, to represent unallocated workplaces, which we can possess “on the fly”. This inexorably special setup in 2021 can’t anyway be appropriate for inactive capacities, for which the design of a corporate office should be thought out so as not to be a requirement in their action.

Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about the actual workplace! Some time ago fixed, we are seeing the ascent of standing situated work areas, which permit a representative to work now and then situated, once in a while remaining, to consistently continue to move. Office configuration accordingly has its task to carry out in this solicitation to portability.

Numerous Architects and Workspace Planners are arranging the format of their customers’ workplaces to get representatives going. The format of the workplaces is thought out from the arranging stage to compel clients to move however much as could reasonably be expected between two extremely bustling rooms, when in the past the distances of the courses were advanced to be just about as short as could really be expected… Change of worldview in progress in workspaces!

Illustration of a sit down work area with a wrench to change its tallness as indicated by your longings.

4. Natural mindfulness as a conclusive factor in the workplace design stage

You surely know: the media regularly talk about it! The time of ownership has continuously offered route to the time of more aware utilization. Both from a natural perspective, with the desire of organizations to build up their action by decreasing their environmental impression however much as could be expected. Just to receive a conduct more mindful of the difficulties of utilization in the workplace design of organizations.

For office format, the reuse of existing office furniture and the reusing of furniture are steadily required every year, for two kinds of organizations: those with restricted money, and those profoundly dedicated to a methodology nonstop improvement of their ecological effect and their job as a social reality. Enough to discover intriguing office format thoughts!

Nothing is lost, everything is changed, with regards to fitting out a corporate office. The upcycling, or the upcycling is done to change existing materials of higher worth items.

5. Office configuration is turning into a promoting component of the business brand in 2021

Like never before in 2021, organizations are utilizing the format of their workplaces as an advertising component to fortify their boss image, draw in and hold new ages, these Millennials who are currently searching for something other than a compensation.

HR Functions, Marketing and Communication divisions, now and then on the activity of the Founders or C-level for the littlest organizations, impart on their work space through photographs, reports (the insides of organizations enrolled on Welcome to the Jungle, for instance!), introductions of their premises, posted on Google. Indeed, even the more youthful ages, more slanted to gladly share on Instagram or Snapchat pictures and recordings of the premises they possess! Organizations invite writers and influencers from their industry at home, as though to welcome them to translate their corporate culture through the format of their workplaces, which has become an expansion of their image DNA. There is no lack of office format thoughts.


Solidly, how do these organizations go about it? The shapes and shades of office furniture mirror the brand picture, in the visual and here and there sound mark: clear a path for workplaces basically utilizing the shade of their logo, making a work or holding up territory representing the introduction of their movement, like the geological region for instance…

These fairly comfortable office design spaces by and large comprise of characteristic office furniture, wood, cafeteria space and comfortable seating furniture, to make casual spaces or gatherings, on account of effectively secluded furnishings. An ever increasing number of huge organizations are incorporating cooperating spaces inside their corporate premises, regularly situated on the ground floor of their workplaces. This is known as the corpoworking, the formation of spaces, because of the workplace design, inviting new companies brooded or not, youthful business projects.